It’s a new month and time for another EP (mini album) release.

Passage 21 is now available on the streaming platforms and features 3 tracks; Passage 21, Come With Me and Drum Control.

As a special release, Drum Control is a re-imagination of Embargo by Embargo released in 1998. At that time this was one of the most played electronic techno tracks being played in clubs everywhere in Europe.

It brings back memories to times when my friends and I were going out to party in clubs in the Netherlands and Belgium. Drum Control basically is my very own new 2021 version of this track and it is loosely based on Embargo

With Passage 21 I’m trying to bring you all some new sounds in a world where we all recover from the current covid situation ? Hopefully we will now move onto better times and be ready soon to party again at your favourite festival or club. ?

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