Mike Redfields (stage name of Michiel Beenen) has been active in the music industry for quite some time. Born and raised in the south of the Netherlands, working on a couple of festivals and events, He has had the experience to create cool projects for everyone to enjoy.

Why the name Mike Redfields you might wonder? Mike basically is a short English version of my first name (Michiel). Redfields is a lose translation of my mothers last name. 

I started with all kinds of Hard dance music, like Hardstyle, Jumpstyle and have now moved on to Deephouse, House, EDM and Tropical sounds. In the past as a member of the Fuzion team, we created multiple events that attracted thousands of people in the Netherlands.

I will continue the path of expanding my horizon.

Music Availability

With DJ mix sessions and tracks released, you can find me on:

– 7 Digital, – Akazoo, – Amazon Music, – Amazon Prime Music, – Anghami, – Apple Music, – AWA, – ROXI, – Facebook and Instagram Audio, – Google Play, – iAM+, – iHeartRadio US, – iMusica, – iTunes, – Juke, – Joox, – KKBox, – Kuack Media, – Line Music, – Napster/Rhapsody, – Neurotic, – Netease, – Pandora, – Qobuz, – Saavn, – Shazam, – Simfy Africa, – SiriusXM, – Spotify, – Tencent, – Tidal, – TIM Italia, – Ultimate Music China, – UMA, – Weyv, – Xiami, – Yandex and – YouTube Music.

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