Step into the Techno beats with Mike Redfields, as he unleashes his latest track, “Control.” This brand new release is set to redefine the dancefloor experience with its kicks and infectious rhythm and at the same time creates a bit of a follow up to ‘Answers‘.

“Control” is a journey into the heart of techno, where Redfields’ production skills shine through. The track opens with a tantalizing blend of synths, building anticipation before launching into a relentless cascade of  kicks that reverberate through the listener’s soul. The sound design takes center stage, pushing the boundaries of conventional techno and introducing a fresh energy to the scene.

As the beats intensify, “Control” takes on a life of its own, inviting club-goers to surrender to the music and lose themselves in the seamless fusion of sound.

This release highlights the dynamic evolution of the genre. “Control” is more than a new track; it’s an invitation to experience techno in a new light, to embrace the power of innovation on the dancefloor, and to let the music take control of the night. On Beatport there is also an extended edition available for dj’s.