Summer is here and August 1, 2022 marks the date for a brand new Deephouse release that will bring you into a relaxing chill mood.

Take Me There is written as a reminder to a moment a few years ago, when some of my best friends (you know who you are!) took me to Cadzand (the Netherlands) back in 2017 to switch off and just have some fun, after an intense time to get my mind back on track.

We had an amazing couple of days, and the picture of the cover is one of the photos taken that day. When I came back home a few days later, I started to get some new inspiration, write some music and work on my first project ‘Deep Love’.

Vocals of this song are once again by the amazing Eileen Jaime and below you may find the lyrics and all the links to your favorite platform.




Come with me
Lift your arms up high
Lead the way
Show me how to fly

We both know
How this story goes
Never mind
‘Cause we want some more, some more

Try to find
Where’s the secret place
Is it far ‘cause
Oh no, I can’t wait

Show me all
The magic inside
Let it out
No need to be shy, be shy

Take me there
Keep me there a long time
Take me there
Keep me there a long time

I ain’t going anywhere
‘Cause I like it
I ain’t going anywhere
‘Cause I like it