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Mike Redfields – Passage to Space – Limited Edition Vinyl

The Limited edition Vinyl record includes 6 enhanced extended edition tracks;

– Blackout
– Eternal
– Space

– Cosmic Tunnel
– Galaxy
– Destiny

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The renowned Dutch prospect Mike Redfields has made quite a mark this year with some intriguing new house tracks that showcased his immense talent and versatility as a producer. Having made the best use of the quarantine period, the artist has delivered an example for everyone around that teaches us how to evolve on a personal and professional level even when the circumstances are not favorable.

Shifting the focus to the darker industrial elements of electronic music, the Eternal EP starts off with the hugely satisfying and vibrant title track that will send you back to an imaginary underground rave straight away. The second tune from the EP called ‘Infinity” is, as the name suggests, an oddly satisfying track blessed with some dark hypnotic synth leads that definitely serve the purpose behind this idea by Mike Redfields.

We Rave You

The journey through space started last year with the release of Eternal, a 2-track EP that ranges from hypnotic techno to melodic house. From that point, he continued with a series of eclectic releases moving from the chill and intimate radio vibes of Fall Again to the hard and solid techno tune as Galaxy is.

Galaxy combines a deep hard bass with amazing synths and some great atmospheric sounds to create a new techno experience. Kicking off with a fast and non-stop percussive beat, the track continues with a firm rhythm and soothing acid synth. The ethereal arpeggio flows seamlessly on the tune blending together with the minimal kick. The track slows down including fragile harmonies and supernatural harmonies for an out-of-this-world experience.

Groove Cartel

An awe-inspiring body of work in every sense, the Dutch DJ/producer has combined his passion for Sci-Fi movies and music, and in turn, has provided us with an album well-worthy of being dubbed as “out of this world.

From high-energetic and ever-so powerful tracks, to melodic but also up-lifting vibey productions, ‘Passage to Space’ will have you quite literally feeling that you are in outer-space.
We Rave You

The EP is packed with peak-time techno vibes, featuring heavy kicks and nonstop percussions. Kicking off the EP title track, Dreamscape features a super heavy kick paired with huge and vibrant basslines. The hypnotic percussions are a progression of fatty percussions. The track slows down introducing a synth-driven hypnotic main theme that incredible evolves into the rave-driven first drop. 

Dreamscape is a festival heat in perfect heavy-techno style. The second part completely developed into an acid production closing in an incredible way the first installment of the EP.

Groove Cartel